Best Practices for Creating Highly Available Architectures

Got High Availability for data storage? Join DataCore LABS and Tim Warden, Senior Solutions Architect at DataCore Software, as he discusses and presents his findings from years in the field on how to best protect data and prevent planned and unplanned downtime.

Using his background from Data General Corporation's storage division, CLARiiON, Tim brings us some of the best ideas on how to architect Highly Available system architectures for SME and large Enterprises. With an emphasis on data protection and redundancy for High Availability systems, Mr. Warden discusses how to prevent unplanned downtime and his experience with his six (6) criteria for a well-defined architecture: Redundancy, Autonomy, Separation, Asymmetry, Diversity, and Polylithic Design.

Speaker: Tim Warden, Sr. Solutions Architect, DataCore Software

Duration: 20 Minutes

Language: English

About the Host

Tim Warden

Tim Warden is a Sr. Solutions Architect for DataCore Software.

"The DataCore and VMware solution allows us to plug in and support storage and virtual servers as and when we need, ultimately DataCore provides a cost-effective storage solution that we are happy to recommend."