Virtual SANs vs. Good old SANs: Can't they just get along?

Dark forces in the IT industry like to polarize popular opinion; most recently they argue for keeping all the storage in the servers using virtual SANs, leaving nothing external. These sudden mood swings, while attracting a young cult following, lose sight of lessons learned over the past 20 years.

Truth is, a blend of internal storage close to the apps with good old fashioned external secondary storage out on the network makes a heck of a lot of sense.

In this webinar, Senior Analyst Jim Bagley from SSG-NOW, discusses the not so black-and-white considerations driving customers to tap into the internal storage resources of clustered servers. Then Augie Gonzalez, Storage Virtualization expert from DataCore will provide some practical guidance on how to incorporate existing storage arrays and even public cloud capacity into your virtual SAN rollout.

Speakers: Jim Bagley, Chief Analyst, SSG-NOW and Augie Gonzalez, Storage Virtualization Expert, DataCore Software

Duration: 40 Minutes

Language: English

About the Hosts

James Bagley

Jim Bagley is the Chief Analyst at SSG-NOW

Augie Gonzalez

Augie Gonzalez is the Director of Product Marketing with DataCore Software and an expert in Software-Defined Storage.

"The DataCore and VMware solution allows us to plug in and support storage and virtual servers as and when we need, ultimately DataCore provides a cost-effective storage solution that we are happy to recommend."