Virtual SAN: It's a SAN, it's Virtual, but what is it really?

What do you think of when you hear the words “virtual SAN”? For some, it may mean addressing application latency and infrastructure costs through consolidation. For others, it may be addressing potential single point of failures. Regardless of the use case, virtual SANs are becoming one of the hottest software-defined storage solutions for IT organizations to maximize storage resources, lower overall TCO, and increase availability of critical applications and data.

In this webinar, Jeff Slapp – storage virtualization expert and technical product specialist – introduces the concept of virtual SAN and does a technical deep dive on the most common use cases and deployment models involved with a DataCore Virtual SAN solution.

Speakers: Jeff Slapp, Chief Analyst, Technical Product Specialist, DataCore Software

Duration: 34 Minutes

Language: English

About the Host

Jeff Slapp

Jef Slapp is a Technical Product Specialist with DataCore Software. Jeff has years of experience in the field of Virtualization and worked previously with

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