Virtual SAN & Storage Virtualization: Insight from the CTO Office - Part 1

Join Roni Putra, Chief Technology Officer and Robert Bassett, Director of Engineering, -masterminds behind the origins of storage virtualization- and hear their personal opinions on Virtual SAN, where storage technology is today and the future of data storage in general. This is an incredibly candid session about the ever changing storage landscape by two people responsible in large part for the changes now happening.

Duration: 22 Minutes

Language: English

About the Hosts

Roni Putra

Roni Putra is the Chief Technology Officer and a Co-Founder of DataCore Software. Roni pioneered many advancements in operating system designs, clustering systems and high-end storage control.

Robert Bassett

Robert Bassett is the Vice President of Engineering with DataCore Software and an expert in Software-Defined Storage.

"The DataCore and VMware solution allows us to plug in and support storage and virtual servers as and when we need, ultimately DataCore provides a cost-effective storage solution that we are happy to recommend."